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Book bags for Daisy

OK, I think they need to be just a tad bigger - just 1cm wider, and maybe 2cm higher.

But what do you think? Am I on the right track, here? :)

LOL - please do excuse the shoddy sewing of the blue patch. I added that once I'd sewed the bag together - big mistake! :)

Roomy enough for fat books :) long handle, or two smally ones?
Gypsy Soul

Quickie bag

I've revived my "other blog" over at word press. If you can, please drop a comment here and there, so it looks like I have fans? I apologise for cross-posting, but "I need to", as Maisie would say :) (really, she *does* say that! How clever is she, now! :)

Ta :)

Lily needed a bag to take her swimming things to Asha's birthday party, so I quickly made her this bag.

Daisy, how um....'finished' do you want your book bags?

This is made from half a pillow case, with straps sewn on. If you are happy to have them as basic as that, then I can run up some for you, quick as. Just let me know and I'll do them this weekend and get them off on Monday with Raphie's little feral top. Haven't started on the pants - is that OK? Reason being is that I don't think I have enough fabric for it. May I improvise?
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Gypsy Soul

Well, this is different

I just spent the past hour in the sewing room, as the girls settled into quiet play and silent reading (Lily is great at it!).

What an odd but special feeling it was, to be sewing away with the girls all around me, in their own rooms. I worried a little of the noise I made, but figured that somehow it will etch into their memory as something precious: falling asleep to the sound of Mum sewing.

Now, I'm about to pour myself a glass of wine and eat a microwave dinner - Malaysian Curry Chicken. And don't curse me because there is nothing artificial in it. Amazing really. and they are SO nice!! (edit: except msg. Mmmm....yummy msg :)

I kinda feel like one of those "quit yer day job" women with no children or husband :)